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“I looked around at a lot of different water storage containers, and got tired of the 55 gallon drums. Out of all the storage containers, yours are the best designed and most convenient size.”quotation-left

~Troy Hesse


“Thanks to everyone at WaterPrepared. These tanks have not only given me piece of mind as the blazing spring and summer arrive, but more confidence that I can, indeed, prepare intelligently and accomplish preparations with excellence for my dearest loved ones.”quotation-left

~John Richardson, Phoenix, AZ


“Lately with all the natural disasters, my family decided to look into our water storage. We realized that we could survive without food for a couple of weeks, but only a couple of days without water. We were tired of rotating out all of our two liter bottles every year. It was a lot of work. When we found WaterPrepared, we were excited that there was a simple way of storing water. It was one of the best investments my family has made to be prepared.” quotation-left

~Janet Wilson, Ogden, UT


“Best water tanks I’ve seen! I no longer have to deal with 55 gallon drums that are hard to handle and require countless hours of cleaning, scrubbing, and draining. The fact that I can just hook up a hose to this tank every few years and drain the water onto my lawn with little to no effort is a huge plus for me and my family. I feel secure with my new 160 gallon tank”. quotation-left

~Ron Willis, Mesa, AZ



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28 Billion Reasons 

Did you know that Americans bought 28 billion – that's billion with a 'b' – bottles of water in 2013? Twice as costly as gasoline and up to 1,000 times more costly than tap water (and it usually just comes out of the tap anyway) bottled water is, what the Dean of a...

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How Complete Is Your Food Storage?

Food storage is never complete without sufficient water storage. Ironically, we meet people everyday that have six months, 12 months, even two years of food storage that consists of dried goods, dehydrated or freeze dried foods. If you think you'll have access to...

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